About Us


Jamar and Mariele Landrom are the owners and creators of LGLifeStyle, which focuses on the mind, body, soul! Jamar being a former NFL player and Mariele being a former collegiate track champion, understands that it takes all three to be the best person possible. Their story of love, marriage, sickness, hardship, overcoming and being victorious  in the end is what birth the two lines of fragrances DeValeur and LaVigueur. DeValeur means Precious, Valuable and Worthy. LaVigueur means Strength, Vigor, Boldness, Sturdiness, Stamina and Pizzazz.  The meaning behind these fragrances represents characteristics that each and every person can associate themselves with. By wearing the fragrances they want individuals to not only smell excellent but understand and walk boldly knowing that they are exactly what the fragrances mean. With each spray you will feel the strength and discover that you are worthy.